Wednesday, 11 March 2009

New blog!

Welcome to my new blog! No idea what im going to do with it as yet but here goes.

My name is Gail Bell, I live in the Wirral and have a little Tiara and wedding jewellery business called Rocks For Frocks. It all started when a colleague at work was a bridesmaid for her friend and was looking at wedding jewellery on the internet and i said - "I can make that!" and so i did, make the head dresses and jewellery and I really enjoyed doing it. So then i did a tiara course at a place called Beady-Kate in Wigan and had a fab day, just sitting with other women all fiddling with bits of wire and crystals and pearls and came home clutching a lovely if somewhat wonky tiara - the one pictured, but since then i have gone on to sell it successfully, i think the wonkyness is part of the charm!

From then on, I made up a small collection and my Daughter Francesca, who had just completed a design degree, said she would make a website. This proved to be a real labour, as neither of us had the technical knowledge to do it, I ordered a ready done template site, but really it wasn't what we were looking for, I had a definate idea in my mind on how I wanted the site to look, the colours and the branding etc. Luckily this is Francesca's strong point, she came up with the name and the colours and the logo, which I love.

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