Saturday, 27 November 2010

Back to blog!!

Well I had completely forgotten about the world of blogging untill a friend reminded me this week.

What a difference a year makes! Rocks for Frocks have a permanent home in our lovely little boutique showroom in Liverpool at The Wedding House, 3-4 Great George Place, L1 7AG.

We started off with a bit of attic space and then moved into the new shop in January.

Things have got pretty busy over the year and now I have an assistant to help me out, the lovely Angelica from Boston.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

feeling like im getting somewhere ish

Feel a little more positive this week about Rocks For Frocks, my business plan and grant application has gone in, not sure how long that takes but fingers crossed.

I had a meeting with a lovely lady at a new shop in Chester called Boda Bridal, and to my amazement she actually bought half my stock and is going to display it in her shop, with a selection of my packaging, I have a few more things to make for her too, so if anyones in the Chester area pop in and have a look, its a gorgeous shop too, a very good concept of a shop for everything for weddings and she's stocking a selection of nicely made items.

Had my first customer on the website through a google search! She searched for invisible necklace and my site came up about 3rd - woooo!

Im biting the bullet and putting an advert in one of the big wedding magazines, Wedding Ideas, which should be in the next issue, really pleased with the advert, the guy at the magazine created it. Fingers crossed that it gets me some business!


WE had a lovely day the other week at Morano Silver on Nics Silver clay course, learnt loads, but of course putting it into practise is more difficult, I now have a nice collection of little silver balls!
I am enjoying making molds, made a really nice spiral shell which i managed to break about 3 times, once by running over it with my chair! the finished result is pretty though and i will post pics when the whole piece is finished. I also made a star with the mold from a swarovski crystal and a couple of hand stamped tags

This necklace is called wish on a star

and i made this little tag with a blue topaz dangle

and now ive used up all my clay and had to order more! gets very addicitive!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Blog giveaway at Mourano Silver

Visit Mourano silvers blog for a chance to win some of her amazing silver work

well actually dont, because i want to win it hehe

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Bring on the bling

At Wedding Fairs, i quite often get asked for more sparkle and more bling, so I have been working on a design to get as much crystal and bling as possible onto a tiara, and a bit of movement so it catches the light more.

It has so much swarovski on it, its actually heavy!

The earrings come in Long and Longer!

Monday, 30 March 2009

who's looking

Do you ever wonder who looks at your blog or your website? I often think i'm talking to myself on here and if anyone actually reads it.

On my webstats today 57 people from holland looked at my website and 22 from Finland. I wonder what happened in Holland to make 57 people look? wouldnt it be nice to know who they were?

131 people looked at my site from a review that a customer put on a wedding forum, and 79% of visitors put my site on their favorites. That would be amazing if they all turned into customers!


Here are some pics of the ladies day fascinators, taken in the new fangled light tent, which scares the life out of me every time i take it out of the bag it lives in, it's like one of those exploding snake tins that kids used to have!