Thursday, 21 May 2009


WE had a lovely day the other week at Morano Silver on Nics Silver clay course, learnt loads, but of course putting it into practise is more difficult, I now have a nice collection of little silver balls!
I am enjoying making molds, made a really nice spiral shell which i managed to break about 3 times, once by running over it with my chair! the finished result is pretty though and i will post pics when the whole piece is finished. I also made a star with the mold from a swarovski crystal and a couple of hand stamped tags

This necklace is called wish on a star

and i made this little tag with a blue topaz dangle

and now ive used up all my clay and had to order more! gets very addicitive!

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  1. Hooray - those are lovely,
    glad you enjoyed the course
    looks like you put it to good use :)