Thursday, 26 March 2009

Ladies Day at Aintree

It's ladies day at the Grand National meeting very soon, and it seems despite the "recession" that ladies are going all out in their outfits, jewellery and head wear. My Daughter, Francesca is wearing a black dress with a feather effect, purple satin shoes and bag, so of course now she wants to the fascinator and jewellery to go with it. I have made a fascinator with a black flower that matches the feather effect with black coq feathers with a purple tip and she is going to have a gold wired necklace with amethyst swarovski and purple freshwater pearls on.

I've told her she better be handing out business cards for me!

So then that got her friends interested and Im making a set for Sarah, who likes classic jewellery, and had a great time playing with my box of jewels. She is wearing black and ivory, so I have made these to go with her outfit. We had a play around with the fascinator and luckily she likes lots of bling so it will be a grand affair. Then she spotted my heart of pearl necklace and wants one as a focal point for the fascinator!! There just arnt anough hours in the day lately.

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